Video: Dean Wilson update after his St. Louis crash

Dean Wilson required two operations after a ten inch laceration in his butt following a big crash in the whoops that ended with Dean lying in a pool of his own blood.

“I’m lying there and I just feel really, really warm,” said Wilson on his crash and injury. “Then I looked down and I’m lying a pool of blood, blood everywhere. The Alpinestars medic crew did a good job and bandaged me up, I think what happened was my ass went into the footpeg. I have a laceration that was about 10 inches deep, the doctors said she could put her whole hand in. So i went for two operations that night, then I have antoher operation tomorrow (now today). A weird injury, never had it before and it sucks big time. Very uncomfortable, throbbing, ti’s been miserable. Thanks to everyone that has reached out.”

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc