Video: Craig’s Orlando heat race crash

Christian Craig crashed out of the lead and the heat race on lap one in spectacular fashion after coming up a tad short on the triple and bouncing into the next section before ending up off the track and in the tuff blocks holding his hand in pain.

Craig did come back for the LCQ and took the win but said he was in a lot of pain and had less grip strength. In the main event Craig got a decent start and was running third behind leader Lawrence and title rival Nichols but he couldn’t hold the pace of the front two and had to settle for third on the night, losing two points to Nichols in the championship and is now down by eight.

Craig said of his night: “The weekend started off great. I qualified first. I loved this track, everything about it. The dirt was hard-packed, just like the test track, so I was feeling so good. I got off to a good start in the heat race, and then on the second lap, some sort of little case turned into a big fall. I’m sure everyone has seen it on TV. I banged up my hand pretty good. I wasn’t sure I was even going to race, but we had it taped up by Dr. G. and had to grit it out. I knew I had to do what I could to get through tonight. We have 10 weeks after this, so I can heal up then. I was able to get out to a good start from way on the outside in the Main. I got into third quick and stayed with Colt for a lot of the race. Then I had some sketchy moments, so I backed it off and finished third. I only lost two points to Colt. After the Heat race, if you would have told me I’d get third, I would have been jumping up and down. It was a win in my books after that crash. We’ve got a long break, so we’re going to heal up and get ready for Salt Lake.”