Video: Cairoli in the sand

After a knee operation, Tony Cairoli has had extra time to get himself back in race-shape with the Covid delay, and you can see that he is looking strong in the sand just over a month away from the start of the 2021 World championship.

But speaking to OnTrackOffRoad’s Adam Wheeler, Cairoli said he hasn’t made a decision yet on if this will be his final year or not – and it all depends on how his knee holds up and the speed he can show.

I want to see if I can still improve but I know the level of performance is unlikely to go up,” he admitted. “A lot depends on my condition and the knee. That’s why, right now, I don’t know where I am [with speed and feeling] because I still cannot really push because of this injury following me around.”

“Last year was very difficult for me but I think if my knee can be in a bit better shape for 2021 then I should be able to fight for the championship,” he added. “This is my goal and then the next season depends on how I feel.”