Video: Brian Jorgensen on continuing his quest to race the world championship despite the passing of his father

“It was difficult to create the finances, I had to work, I was working as a plumber at the time after my dad passed away, I had to be the mechanic, I had to drive the van which I didn’t have a driving license for! I wanted to ride so bad, I would do anything.”

If you want to know just how much Brian Jorgensen fought to be a GP rider, you need to watch the video below. Brian’s father sadly passed away due to cancer when Brian was just 16 but the young Dane refused to give in and found a way to get to the European championship, win it against Tortelli and then make his way into the 125 world championship! This is an incredible story of determination and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal despite horrendous setbacks.

Get the full interview on Spotify or YoutTube below or iTunes here.