Video: Benistant ready for MX2 world championship kick-off

Thibault Benistant is the leading contender, along with Kay de Wolf, to run with championship favourite, Jago Geerts, and challenge for the MX2 world title in 2023.

Benistant won motos at the end of last season and was the one rider who had, at times, the raw pace of Vialle and Geerts as their championship battle came down to the wire. Now it might be Benistant himself who is going to the wire with teammate Geerts for a world title.

Benistant didn’t ride for team France at the MXON to have shoulder surgery so he would be ready for 2023. He also has aspirations of the going to America in a couple of years, so now is his time to go for a world championship.

Being teammates with Jago also provides an interesting dynamic within the team and Benistant will have a closer insight than most of Jago’s strengths and weaknesses as will Jago with Thibault. Team practice sessions could also be interesting – do you really want your teammate beating your lap times going into rave weekend when you are both chasing a title?

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It will be a big year for the team in every sense with two very talented riders aiming for a world title and both very capable of delivering.

See the stylish French rider in action below:

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