Video: Ben Watson – Britain’s newest GP star

It’s Ben Watson’s time right now. Coming off a brilliant end to the MX2 season in 2020, winning his first GP and his confidence soaring, Watson now looks fantastic on the factory 450 Yamaha as he enters the most competitive motocross championship on the planet this weekend in Russia, MXGP.

In his first race on the machine at Lyng he split moto wins with Jeffrey Herlings to underline his potential and then showed top five speed on the hard-pack at Ernee in what was a mini-GP with the amount of leading GP riders in the race. Ben looks so comfortable and so at ease on the bigger machine, it’s like he was born to ride a 450 but of course the competition will be stiff.

Britain’s biggest GP star is now competing in the toughest motorcycling championship in the world with the most depth of talent you will find anywhere on the planet – even getting points in this field means you are tier one a bike! So we shouldn’t get too carried away with Ben in his rookie season in MXGP because it won’t be easy. However, there is no doubt he has already shown he has what it takes to run with the rest of factory men and the humble, down-to-earth Watson is displaying the confidence on the bike that he needs to be competitive. Right now Watson is Britain’s leading light in the motocross world. and he brings an exciting extra aspect of anticipation to the new MXGP season.

Article: Jonathan McCready