Video: Barcia defends take-out of Ferrandis

See the move that left Dylan Ferrandis on the deck courtesy of Justin Barcia and saw Barcia get disqualified for the move!

Ferrandis put a strong move on Barcia, before Barcia cut a corner to give him some payback but was it bad enough to get disqualified?

A fuming Ferrandis said: “Budds Creek moto two I got a T-bone by Barcia, pretty normal from him, but this time he went off the track in the previous corner where I passed him, gained time off track and went straight into me and made me crash. At this point I don’t really care about that but I just wonder how can his Team, sponsor, family, friends, trainer, fan… can support that?

“Yeah, he got disqualified but he will do it again next weekend and every other races and nothing will change… No sportsmanship and bad image for our sport. Very sore today, I hope I can make it to next race at 100%.”

While Barcia maintained it was a racing incident saying: “3 sides to every story his, mine and the truth. Here is the GoPro footage showing I didn’t T-bone anyone and me going off the track and that the hit was a racing incident.”

See the incident below: