Video: Amandine Verstappen crash at Riola Sardo

During the second WMX race at Riola Sardo, Amandine Verstappen took a big crash but the good news is she walked away relatively uninjured. The BUD Kawasaki rider wasn’t happy with Lynn Valk though!

“Well… I’m happy to walk again after that crash! Thanks Lynn who cut me. It was the first lap of the race, I think you can pass cleanly or maybe later!? It costs me head concussion… About the first race, I was 4th for almost all the race and 1 lap to go I didn’t jump one jump because I knew I was too short to jump it so then Papenmeier passed me. I finished 5th. Two good starts in top the top 3 – 5-DNF. Otherwise thank you for all the medical staff they are doing a great job”, Verstappen stated on social media. 

You can see the crash below: