Vialle furious with the FIM after being docked two positions

Tom Vialle isn’t best plesaed with the FIM after he was docked two positions for jumping on a waved yellow flag. The Factory KTM rider says he couldn’t see the flag and despite the protest by Yamaha, the FIM initially agreed with him and his win stood.

However, an hour later, Vialle claims the FIM changed their mind and give him a two position penalty without even telling him about it and it cost him the GP win.

“The perfect day, went 1-1 again in Germany. Oh sorry, after the Yamaha protest, they dropped me back to 2nd. I would like to start by mentioning that as a rider I find safety really important, so I would never try to hurt someone else or myself by jumping with a yellow flag. The flag was just not visible and it is not the first time that riders have complained about this issue”.

“The FIM first decided that it was common sense and no penalty would be applied but after 1 hour they posted another decision without even mentioning it to me in advance. Congrats Yamaha Monster for the victory. Anyway see you next weekend in France”.

Pic: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing