Tomac on never winning A1

Like Ricky Carmichael, Eli Tomac has never won the A1 but the two-time supercross champ says he isn’t going to prioritise tomorrow’s race, saying he uses A1 to gather information for the season but won’t turn down the opportinity if it’s there!

“It would be awesome to get one,” said Tomac at the press conference, “but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t. The best thing you can do here is gather information and apply that to the following weeks to get into a good spot for the season. That’s always my mindset with Anaheim one. I was really close one year then had a crash. It’s going to be a different Anaheim 1, the way those transitions are, it’s going to be soft, maybe a little change up will be good for me.”

With no press day yesterday, see how Eli looks on the new Yamaha at the practice track: