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Roczen – the last year has been really rough

Roczen – the last year has been really rough

Ken Roczen delivered an honest assessment of his 2022 season, saying change was “desperately needed,” during the press conference at A1. Now with a bike he enjoys, less pressure and still that amazing talent, Roczen is playing the long game to put Suzuki and himself up front again in 450 supercross.

“I think it was a change that was desperately needed for me,” admitted an honest Roczen. “It kind of came out of nowhere to be honest but, overall, I have been feeling really good as well. I have been on the bike for the last month or so, a little bit longer than that. I want to re-establish myself, right? This last year has been really rough, the results weren’t there and a lot of struggles.

“Throughout this off-season I have put in a lot of work and was really engaged with anything that I did and really started loving riding and especially racing again, and travelling all over. This change, I didn’t really care whether I was faster or better or not, I needed something (different). Going back to Suzuki, I have had some really good results with them before and I want to put them back on the map. We might start off slow tomorrow or we might be right in the mix. I don’t really know nor do I really care, I want to take it step by step and put int he work and restablish myself and get back to the front, just not let go and charge hard.

“I think with this entire off-season I created I was able to charge more towards my goals and dreams and we are going to start off tomorrow, it’s going to be a long season, there is a lot of hype about this race, but mentally I am in a different sport than I was in years past. I think also these off-season races have helped me stay in race shape, basically tomorrow is jsut another race for me, we are going to see where we stack up and see how much more work we have to do to be where we need to be.

“Overall, I have been feeling great on the bike. I’m going to have some fun with it to try and get back up to where I belong, there’s a lot of really, really, fast guys up here, it’s going to be difficult but I’m up from the challenge.”