Tomac on his biggest strength and weakness as a rider

Vital MX’s Lewis Phillips asked Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen and Justin Barcia what there strength and weaknesses are on press day at East Rutherford – so will Webb try to exploit Eli’s perceived weakness?! With six points between them everything matters!

“I would say my biggest strength is corner entry speed, it’s on thing I really worked on in the amateurs, front breake control and being able to drive really deep into the turn and manage that speed then another thing is, i really focus on being on the balls of my feet on the footpet. I really feel that is a huge thing for leverage and controlling the motorcylcle and I think i do that pretty well.

“What I don’t do well? I don’t know I don’t what to telle veryone my weaknesses! I would say I sometimes get a little too fired up from practice times if I don’t do well…”

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