Tom Vialle and RJ Hampshire on their title wins

Tom Vialle: I had a bad Heat race. I mean, the day was really hard. Actually, [before the Main Event] I was like, ‘Okay, this is the moment I need to do the start.’ I had a great start, actually. The last five laps I was really nervous, but I made it. I’m really happy. You know: coming from Europe, moving here to the U.S., and I’ve already got the Supercross title in my second year. It’s amazing, so I’m very happy. I want to thank everyone on the team who believed in me, my family, and I’m really happy about the day.

That’s pretty amazing, to learn one year and then win this title in the second year. After I won Daytona and made it two in a row in Birmingham, I knew I could fight for the title. I made it to the end and I felt great all season. Going into Supercross this year, I enjoyed it even more and am very happy to win the championship. It’s only my second year here and feel like I have a lot to learn, am still learning every race, but I’m really excited now to head outdoors in two weeks at Pala.

Ian Harrison – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Manager: “Starting at the first race when Tom wrecked in the first turn and finished 18th, I literally thought the season was over and it was just going to be another learning year for him. And then he found his groove, started winning a couple of races, and was finishing on the podium, getting better and better – the next thing we knew, we were in the lead. Daytona was a special one for us, always tough to win, and I was really proud of him there. We had the points lead coming into the final round and I was quite confident until practice today, but then I felt a little bit nervous as the day went on because it seemed like some of the stress was maybe getting to Tom a little bit. I have to say, he handled himself really well in the Main Event, put himself in a good position, and finished where he needed to finish. I’m super proud, it’s been a long time since we’ve won a 250 title and it feels really, really good.”

RJ Hampshire: Man, [I’m] just so thankful. From the beginning, like my dad, the Grondahls, Kevin Keen, just so many people have helped me get to this point right here and just believed in me. So [I’m] thankful to my wife, my daughters, it’s truly special. This whole Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna Racing team from Nate to Murph to my mechanic Amos, Aldon, Throttle, all the guys back home. They know how much I put into this, so it’s truly special. Just a massive thank you to Salt Lake. Man, you guys are going to be one I’m always going to remember. It’s truly special tonight.” 

It’s so special. Everybody has their own story and I was determined to write my own. To have an opportunity to win a championship, just to be a part of that, is truly special. I’ve had so many ups, so many downs, and still people who just believed in me. My group, I would not change, and a massive thanks to everybody who has been involved and a part of the story. I was the fastest guy all day today, had a decent start in the Main Event, and did what I needed to do – in the end, we finally did it and it was a good race to clinch the championship!”

There’s nobody who deserves it more than RJ,” commented Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team Manager, Nathan Ramsey. “He works so hard, he’s a warrior, and never, ever gives up. I’m so happy for the team, the crew, and everybody that’s a part of this. We pulled this thing together and RJ brought it home for us! RJ’s been working at this and dreaming of this forever, so to have him be able to finally wrap his head around it and learn how to piece it all together, here we are – champions.”