Thibault Bénistant: Very happy to get the EMX125 red plate

Coming into the sixth round of the EMX125 Championship, Rene Hofer who was holding the championship lead. However, he picked up an injury which ruled him out of Lommel and the rest of the season.

With Hofer out it’s opened the door for one of the other young talents to win the series. In Lommel, MJC Yamaha rider, Thibault Bénistant went 1-13 in the moto’s to secure the championship lead and now has a 54 points gap ahead of Mattia Guadagnini.

“I am very happy to get the red plate this weekend at Lommel. I’m happy to win the first race. In the second race I didn’t take the good start and I had a big crash but I got the red plate, I’m very happy about it. I’m happy to win in the sand, I like the sand now because I’ve put in a lot of work”. Bénistant commented about his weekend.

Not only is the EMX125 title up for grabs but the talented youngsters from Europe will travel to Australia to contest the Junior World Championship against plenty of the young Aussie’s and American’s contesting the event,  Bénistant has high expecatations and wants to win. “I want to win the EMX125 championship and win as much as possible. For the Junior World Championship, it’s the same. I want to win!”

Bénistant undoubtedly has a promising future and confirmed his plans for 2019. “I will make the switch to the four stroke next year to race the EMX250 Championship. I want good results during my first year and I will stay with MJC Yamaha next year”.

Pic: Youthstream