Surgery for Tim Edberg as he splits ways with Ghidinelli Yamaha

Coming into the 2021 season, Tim Edberg was expected to challenge for the EMX250 championship but unfortunately he’s had to have surgery for his broken thumb. The young Swede hopes to only miss two rounds of the series but his future is currently unknown as he’s also confirmed he’s split with the Ghidinelli Yamaha Racing team.

Edberg has confirmed that he’s started working with former GP rider Steven Frossard which could be a good pairing for the future. It’s thought that Edberg has some offers for the future but nothing is yet confirmed.

“I’ve been quiet here for a while now but i think it’s time for an update. A lot of things have happened both good and bad. I’ve split with the Ghidinelli Racing team just last week. Which might come as an surprise, but for us was the right decision. I’ve also started working with Steven Frossard and the great people around him, like his agent who has been looking for a way for me to continue the season. I’m so grateful for all the help I’ve gotten here in France. Also I’ve been riding quite a bit on Steven’s 450 looking like a real factory rider”!

“But unfortunately I will need to have surgery on my thumb that I’ve broken the ligaments in. This happened a couple of weeks ago while training in Italy, but it wasn’t until just some days ago I checked it out, as I thought there where no bigger issues, but there was. I need to make the surgery now because I need to think about my future, there will be some big consequences if I don’t make the surgery now. I’m so sad to miss the beginning of the season as I felt ready.. but I would like to think that I’ll be back on a different bike but with the same goal and speed that I’ve shown in the offseason! Stay tuned for more news”, Edberg stated on social media. 

Pic: Alex Piantanida