Steve Dixon on 2021 as he prepares for his 32nd GP season!

Steve Dixon has been in the GP paddock for over three decades as he prepares for the 2021 season which will be his 32nd GP season!

Dixon is pleased to have a young British prospect under the awning as he’s signed up Taylor Hammal who will join Todd Wilson and Courtney Duncan under the Bike It MTX Kawasaki awning.

It has also been revealed that Hammal has a two year deal so that should help take the pressure off – if he performs he has an option of staying for a third year.

“I’m delighted to Have Bike It and MTX on board as title sponsor for 2021, together with Kawasaki and our other loyal sponsors this has enabled us to put a package together to take Taylor Hammal on as a full GP rider for the next two years with a third-year option, that adds to Courtney and Wilson, who are both already on two-year deals.

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As I enter my 32nd GP season it is great to have an English rider who only lives 5 minutes away, I needed the right moment to be able to give Taylor the right package so he can concentrate on just riding. He has achieved this ride on his merit, credit to his family and more recently the Rob Hooper British team, which shows there is a good ladder to climb to the top even if you are just an ordinary worker that cannot fund a GP career.

Let’s just see the next two years and hope we can take Taylor to the top”, Dixon stated in a press release. 

Pic: Bike It MTX Kawasaki