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Six round supercross shootout for Webb and Tomac!

Six round supercross shootout for Webb and Tomac!
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With a weekend off to think about it (or not), ride some outdoors and maybe test a different setting in supercross, Cooper Webb and Eli Tomac take one last deep breath and enter the final six rounds tied on points, tied on two 450 supercross titles and ready to battle for the biggest title in America with a triple crown in Glendale adding extra intrigue to a battle that is already on a tightrope!

Eli Tomac proved last year in his outdoor battle with Chase Sexton that he is impervious to pressure Ibut Webb is a different animal. He will play games, he will run it in and as we saw in the heat race with Chase Sexton, even when he’s been caught he isn’t afraid to pull out the gun and mess with some minds!

His response to the pistol gesture over the finish line to Sexton in the heat after the main that Sexton crashed out of the lead in? “Maybe it worked.” Webb is ruthless but the disappointment and frustation in his face was evident after Tomac kept him at bay two weeks ago in a huge win for the Star Yamaha rider. Webb is all in right now.

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With Sexton still showing McGrath like speed the first half of the race and Webb pouring in on in the second half, Eli Tomac doesn’t have much margin for error in any main event but Sexton, still waiting in the wings with the speed to take advantage of any errors, in a still just about realistic if distant hopes of a supercross title himself, could be the guy to help Tomac or Webb gain five instead of three points if he finishes in between them in second.

The other interesting extra ingredient aside from a Ken Roczen or Jason Anderson (and maybe a redemption ride by Aaron Plessinger) showing their race winning speed on any day, is Justin Barcia, who let’s not forget is kind of teammates with Webb, will he ride less aggressive with Cooper with a title on the line than Tomac? Everyone gets nervous around Barcia when he’s near them and that is amplified for those in a title position, and right now, unfortunately for Tomac more than Webb (Cooper hopes!), Barcia has the speed to run the pace at the front.

Tomac’s response to battling Barcia and Barcia’s aggression around all the championship guys will be something to watch closely. Will he really be able to be less aggressive with Webb as you would imagine Roger DeCoster and co. would like?

It’s another fascinating aspect of a truly superb end to a season that has already delivered so much. So, who can put the most heat on the other? Webb’s mind games and in-race smarts or Tomac’s raw speed? Because the bottom line remains. Whoever can deliver under pressure when the heat is on will win this title.

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Align

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