Sexton on winning again after a tough outdoors against Jett – plus silencing the hate!

After two seriously impressive moto wins at SMX, Chase Sexton was, as usual, very open in the press conference about his outdoor frustration as Jett won all the motos but says he feels more comfortable on supercross suspension – and explained who he was directing his hate comments at in his TV interview – the broadcast booth!

“To be honest it’s nice to win again, it feels like I haven’t won in a year!” Sexton admitted. “It motivates me more to keep the ball rolling.”

We then asked Sexton how frustrating it was having Jett take the limelight in outdoors just when he was crowned 450 supercross champ, and just why he feels so much more comfortable on supercross suspension.

“It wasn’t so much he took over (the limelight). I guess he did, but it was more getting beat by him that was really tough. I knew deep down that I wasn’t super comfortable and I had more in the tank to give. I was kind of just held back by the set up I chose for outdoors. If I had to go back I would probably have done something different but I can’t change the past only the future.

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“I came into this and I felt comfortable right away, last season in supercross I really reeled off the last four or five races of supercross. I was confident I had a good bike set-up in supercross and when i first got on it at the beginning of this week, I clicked into something that I haven’t since the beginning of this year. It’s hard to explain, when you feel good on a bike you can do stuff that you can’t do when you’re not. It’s just a feeling thing.”

Sexton was also asked in the press conference to explain why he said he had haters during his TV interview, and his response was interesting as he pointed the finger at the broadcast booth (some believe the comments are aimed at Stewart)… “Not to name any names, I have a hard time watching the broadcast sometimes. I feel like what I did in supercross was a bit discounted, I feel like my riding today proves that it shouldn’t be. I was confident in myself and still believe in myself, it gets annoying listening to same thing over and over every weekend.”

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.