Sexton on Jett Lawrence being out of the title fight

Chase Sexton says he is disappointed Jett Lawrence is out of the AMA Motocross season because he wanted to race him for the title – all three title contenders were all within three points!

Sexton told Michael Lindsay: “I was really bummed to see Jett going out with a practice crash. You don’t want to see that and I really want to race him for this championship. Obviously Hunter is out there as well but I wanted both of them! It was a bummer but racing goes on, that is part of it, I’ve dealt with my fair share. Just going to try and keep the focus going and win as many motos as I can. Home race for me looking forward to that.”

On the bike Sexton said: “I have kind of been leaving it alone, we made little changes, nothing big, more just fine tuning. Right now I am working with what I have and trying to make the most of it.”

Full interview below plus Broc Tickle on being back behind the gate!

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