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Savatgy still trying to find a way to race 250 supercross for Triumph

Savatgy still trying to find a way to race 250 supercross for Triumph
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Joey Savatgy has followed on from his initial comments that you can read here, and is doing what he can to get his 250 supercross ban overturned- since the rule is no longer on place!

Savatgy said on Instagram: “Didn’t think it would gain much attention. But after 81k views I guess it’s worth bringing to IG.. So here’s the run down. I’ve asked the “higher ups” to consider looking at my situation.. the point out rule that forced me to the 450 class in the first place, not being a rule anymore, I asked if they would allow me to move back down. I’ve been told they can’t allow me down because they “have to start a deadline somewhere” but IMO makes zero sense. I’ve tried to explain that there are 2 riders currently still racing that are affected by this rule and if you were to let us down there wouldn’t ever be a debate again. Which then I was told the “steering committee” aka team managers/ people with skin in the game have voted on it, and it was a no. I’ve also tried to explain that I don’t understand how a rule that’s no longer in place can still affect me, but that falls on deaf ears 🙃 One last question. If the speed limit on my road was 55 when I moved in, but they changed it to 35 the next year.. do I get to continue going 55 since the new speed limit came after I was there? 🤪”

Savatgy is trying to get that 250 supercross title he so narrowly lost back in 2017, and doing it on a Triumph would be some story for the promoters! He isn’t giving up easily!

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