Roczen, Tomac and Friese on the WSX format compared to 20 minute AMA main events

We asked Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Vince Frise how the three shorter back to back to back main event format of WSX compares to a 20 minute plus one lap main event in AMA Supercorss and if WSX was more tiring.

Ken Roczen: I was telling Eli, I reckon so (WSX more tiring). I would say it was surprisingly harder than you would think. I was like 8,8,12 (laps) it doesn’t sound that bad but it ends up being fairly tough yeah. I don’t know if it’s harder or not, I don’t know that these guys think but I thought it was tough.

Eli Tomac: Moto three…it’s tough. The 20 plus ones are obviously hard too but in a different way, it’s when you get back on the line and you are trying to bring your heart rate down and be ready and get your next set of goggles on. yeah, moto three is tough.

Vince Friese: The first two weren’t terrible but that last one, my heart rate didn’t come down too much between motos but yeah, it got tough for sure. I didn’t expect it to be that tough. I am pretty fit, I can do 20s at home no problem and we did a couple of these formats and it’s been hot at home too. Yeah, it caught me off guard a lttle bit in that last one, luckily I was in a sport where I could kind of manage the race there and manage the podium and yeah, it worked out.

Image: WSX