RJ Hampshire confirms he wants to race a 450cc in 2025

Image: Align Media

It has been a great season for RJ Hampshire as he clinched the 250SX West Coast title on his Husqvarna.

The American spoke to the press after and has already decided what he wants to do next year.

“I mean what I want, I think will happen. So here goes, I’ll tell you guys. My plan is that I want to spend all the off-season on a 450cc, train like I am going racing on the 450cc. I want to defend next year the 250SX west coast but then race the opposite coast on a 450cc. My debut full time (on the 450cc) would then be outdoors next year. That is what I personally would want to do”. 

Hampshire also reflected on clinching the Supercross title via the Husqvarna press release:

It’s so special,” Hampshire reflected. “Everybody has their own story and I was determined to write my own. To have an opportunity to win a championship, just to be a part of that, is truly special. I’ve had so many ups, so many downs, and still people who just believed in me. My group, I would not change, and a massive thanks to everybody who has been involved and a part of the story. I was the fastest guy all day today, had a decent start in the Main Event, and did what I needed to do – in the end, we finally did it and it was a good race to clinch the championship!”