Jett Lawrence on Jason Anderson and winning the supercross title

Image: Honda

Jett Lawrence put an aggressive pass on Jason Anderson after he saw Jason take down Hunter, but a mistake just after, reset the new champ into championship preservation mode and Jett spoke about it in the press conference.

“I think he (Anderson) just forgot that there were two Lawrences out there, and he did that (knocked down Hunter) right in front of the other Lawrence. Yeah, guys like them, they need a hit in the mouth sometimes. Yeah but thankfully the mistake, it kind of worked out. At first it was like, “Oh no, a mistake.” But then it was like…. (he gestures toward waving Anderson by him) so it kind of helped me get my stuff rocked. It is what it is.”

Lawrence also admitted he never really thought being a 450 supercross champ could be a reality when he was nine/ten years old.

“Honestly no, at that age, I was still more excited to play with friends and stuff at age nine! (Laughs) It didn’t really become a goal to win this 450 supercross championship until I got my (450)outdoor championship. I was like, ‘I guess I could do this, let’s go for supercross.’

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“It’s definitely a dream come true. Since we got here, we obviously thought about it and stuff, but you don’t really think you can do that. My dirt bike history (knowledge) sucks, but I think the last person who did this (450 title as a rookie) was Ryan Dungey? Yeah, not many people can do it – grateful. I have a great team behind me and they gave me an awesome bike and I was able to do this for them.”

Jett added in the Honda press release: “I’m so excited we won the championship, but I’m also feeling grateful that the season’s over. The whole main event, all I could think was, ‘Don’t mess up.’ I just wanted to get a decent start, settle into a comfortable pace, and ride my race. It’s felt like a long season, but it’s gone very fast. I’m sure the emotions will set in more this week; right now, I’m happy about it, but even more happy for the team.”

Lawrence also had his saying during the press conference about the boos at A2: “I think the one that comes to mind is Anaheim 2, getting the whole stadium booing me. At the time, I thought it was great, because people are going to come whether they like me or they hate me. I knew it was going to come, Ricky (Carmichael) told me, James (Stewart) told me, they all go booed at one stage. I might have gotten booed for different reasons, but we’re gonna take it the same way as theirs! Let’s just say we did! (Laughs).

“I’d say that was the biggest one. I mean, we could have had a good night (Anaheim 2) but we messed it up ourselves, still learning stuff. Then obviously the championship was also a good uppercut to those guys (those that booed).”