Carmichael on Roczen – No more excuses left!

Ricky Carmichael has given a direct and non sugar-coated analysis of the Webb/ Roczen title battle when speaking on a NASCAR American Motormouth’s YouTube channel.

“Cooper Webb has gotten the best of Ken Roczen,” assessed
Carmichael, who you couldn’t imagine putting up with Webb’s tactics without some strong retaliation! “I’m interested to see for Ken how this two-week break has been. He sat out the motocross championship in hopes that would be the key ingredient for this season’s Supercross to finally get him that championship.

“Cooper Webb is a warrior, a fighter. He will wear you down. He plays games with you and just irritates you. He’s got every facet of the game figured out, and that’s what makes him so tough. It always seems like he races with a chip on his shoulder. If his bike isn’t working right, he doesn’t let that faze him.

“It’s go time for Ken Roczen,” emphasised Carmichael. “There are no more excuses left, and he has to get after it.”

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Fox Racing