Results: EMX125 Matterley Basin

Race one

Håakon Osterhagen rode a superb race to go from a bad start up to fifth within a few corners and then leading a couple of laps later! For British fans Bobby Bruce’s kept everyone on the edge of their seat riding a superb race to pull through the top ten and get to second place only to go down on the last lap and come home third but then got deducted three more places to put him sixth after it was deemed he went off the track earlier in the race and gained an advantage. Rossi ended up second with an impressive Sacha Coenen third.

Race two

Bobby Bruce was fired up for race two gating much better in fourth with the leaders in sight and the crowd on his side! When first race winner Osterhagen made his first mistake of the day and went down, Bruce was in second behind Zanchi but with Karssemakers right there in third and Osterhagan back up and quickly into fourth, the pace was intense at the front with no time to rest!

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Bruce finally made the move to take the lead but Osterhagen followed him through and the race was on for the win, Osterhagen made a nice block pass to take the lead in the turn before the whoops but just after Karssemakers collided in mid-air with Zanchi on the double before Everts corner, landing on the Italians head with Zanchi immediately laying motionless on the track, forcing a worrying red flag amidst medics immediately running to the stricken Italian’s aid.

As the race had passed halfway the result was declared going back two laps giving Zanchi the moto win, Bruce second and Osterhagen third but thoughts are right now all with the Italian rider.

Overall Osterhagen took the win with Zanchi second and Bruce making the podium in third in front of the home crowd!

Report: Jonathan McCready