Results: East Rutherford – Barcia and Anstie win in the mud

After dry heat races, a thunderstorm and lightning forced a delay on both main events for over an hour – but despite the continious rain the main events went ahead!

Justin Barcia took the win on home turf but not before he affected Chase Sexton’s championship after putting Sexton down for second on lap one allowing Tomac into third and Sexton remounting around tenth.

From there, Barcia eventually caught and passed Roczen for lead with Tomac finding his flow despite the crash in practice to pass Roczen for second and a big points gain on Webb who had a bad start and took fifth, a lap down. Sexton came back to fourth but was 20 seconds back of third when he got there. The crash devastating to his title hopes.

Barcia was ecstatic with his win but Tomac delivered in the championship and took control of the series. That second was as good as a win.

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Barcia said: “Once I got to a 16 second it got quote emotional because I knew that was it. That was awesome.”

Tomac, who now has an 11 point lead with three to go, said: “This is the great equaliser you got to have the flow. You never know what can happen. Great night for us.”

Max Anstie took the 250 East West shootout victory in a stunning ride that saw the Brit lead from start to finish and even hold off a last lap charge from Jett Lawrence, then suddenly, Jett got taken out by a mad RJ Hampshire in the last turn!

Jett got up quickly to stay second with Hunter up to third as Hampshire couldn’t get going after the desperate move, literally stuck in the mud.

Anstie said: “Oh man, all I have to say is that is incredible, insane! I got out front and my mechanics pen didn’t work on the pit board and I thought it was Vohland, then I heard the revving, and it was Jett. I thought, “I’m the best mud rider here, I won at the 2017 MXoN!”

Report: Jonathan McCready

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.