Pro Motocross switch to metal grates to help USA win MXoN!

Davey Coombs has admitted that the switch to metal grates for outdoors this year is to have consistency with supercross and MXGP in a bid to help team USA keep winning the MXoN!

Davey (promoter of US Motocross with MX Sports) admitted at the press conference launch of the 2023 Pro Motocross series in the USA: “That was a big deal (metal grates)we did that in co-ordination with the teams and the OEMs. I want team USA to win the MXoN worse than anyone except maybe the guy sitting back there, Roger DeCoster. One of the ways to help ensure that is to be consistent with our starting grid like we have in Supercross, like our friend in MXGP (world championshiop) have and the SMX world championship. It’s a small change but I hope it’s a significant one and that we can keep the ball rolling just like we did at red bud last year when team USA won after one very long dry spell.”

America are pulling out all the stops to never have to go through a losing streak that they experience over the last decade until Red Bud last year. Will it work for Ernee?

Image: InFront Moto Racing