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Prado: Riding on a good level!

Prado: Riding on a good level!
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Last year Jorge Prado had his rookie season in the MX2 World Championship and he ended up seventh in the championship.

However, Prado has moved awnings within the KTM setup and he’s now working closely to Claudio de Carli and it’s doing the young Spaniard the world of good.

There’s no surprise that Prado has stepped up his game for the 2018 season but he’s now challenging Pauls Jonass to become the MX2 World Champion. There’s twenty-eight points between the pair but we haven’t even reached the half way point in the series yet so there’s lots of racing still go to.

We caught up with Prado after the British GP where he ended up second in both the moto’s behind Pauls Jonass.

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Gatedrop: Jorge, the speed was good but you ended up 2-2, you must be a little disappointed to lose 6 points to Pauls in the championship race?

Jorge Prado:  No, No, I’m not disappointed. This is racing and it can happen. I felt good this weekend and did my best so I’m happy with my second place.

Gatedrop: Can you just talk me through both your moto’s? You and Pauls were close all weekend!

Jorge Prado: Yeah, both moto’s were good. I was second twice, it was hard to beat Pauls this weekend but I’m happy with how it went.

Gatedrop:  You and Pauls were miles ahead of anyone else in MX2 this weekend. Where you surprised that was the case?

Jorge Prado: Yeah, that’s true. This weekend there was a huge different to the guy in third and the rest of the pack. I mean we are riding on a good level, both of us are pushing hard. I mean I thought it would be a bit closer but it does look like we are a step higher.

Gatedrop: Moving forward in the championship you’ll probably want them to close the gap a little? If you win you don’t want Pauls finishing second every moto because you won’t gain many points on him then.

Jorge Prado: Yeah but there’s still twelve GP’s left so I’m not worried about that. There’s still some good racing to go.

Gatedrop: In the past you’ve made a struggled a bit with the heat and the fitness at the end of races but you’ve seemed to get that sorted out. Are you happy with the progress with that?

Jorge Prado: Yeah, well in a few weeks we will race in Ottobiano so we will see there. I’m sure I’ll be in my best shape. I will try to prove to everyone wrong.

Gatedrop: Did the heat affect you today or was Jonass just that little bit between this weekend?

Jorge Prado: No, today I didn’t feel hot, it was just twenty-five degrees or something, it was good for racing in. In the second moto Pauls was just a bit faster and had better lines but I was good too.

Gatedrop: We’ve got some sand coming up in the calendar, are you excited for some sand again after France?

Jorge Prado: No, I don’t care really. This year I like to race in the hard pack too so it doesn’t really matter. In sand maybe, we can make a bigger difference but it’s still good.

Gatedrop:  Have you decided on your future yet for next year, will you still be in the GP paddock?

Jorge Prado: Yeah, next year I will still be here for sure.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

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