Nathan Watson to ‘take a break’ from MXGP

The SR Honda team are heading to Loket this weekend but they won’t have any riders contesting the MXGP World Championship. Instead they will be concentrating on Nicolas Dercourt in the EMX Open series as he currently has the red plate.

Nathan Watson who has contested the first four MXGP World Championship events for the team has asked the team to take a break from the series after a disappointing start to the season – it remains to be seen what his plans will be for the rest of the season and if we will see him back in MXGP.

Benoit Paturel has been recovering slowly from COVID-19 but he slowly getting back into shape – he isn’t expected back racing until the end of August.

“Team Honda SR Motoblouz will be at Loket this weekend, and for the first time in it’s history one bike of the team will have the red plate in a European championship, thanks to Nicolas Dercourt who is leading the series after two rounds. He will be alone under the awning, as Nathan Watson asked us to take a break after four disappointing GP’s for him and us. Concerning Benoit Paturel, he is recovering slowly from the Covid, he’s back training physically, and the goal is to see him back racing the French Championship end of August at Magescq”, the SR Honda team stated on social media.

Pic: Mediacross