Nathalie Fase offers update on F&H Kawasaki season

The FIM Motocross World Championship will visit a new venue this weekend as Oss hosts the Dutch Grand Prix; the F&H Kawasaki Racing Team will be looking to mount the podium in their “home” GP.

With Valkenswaard, Lierop and Assen no longer on the GP calendar most of the riders will race at Oss for the first time even though the venue has regularly hosted rounds of the Dutch Masters. For Roan van de Moosdijk, Mathys Boisrame and Mikkel Haarup this GP will be a special occasion as the team is based close to the venue. “Oss Yes, we know the location well. The boys know the track as they have raced the Dutch Masters there and achieved some good results,” said team manager Nathalie Fase. “Normally our home GP is one of the most important races of the season for us but due to the Corona situation we can’t invite guests, especially some of our sponsors who haven’t seen the boys race for some time. We are looking forward to this race and we expect good results from our riders but we don’t want to put any pressure on them. Of course this GP is a little different to the other races for us.”

After three rounds of the series Mathys Boisrame and Roan van de Moosdijk are currently fourth and fifth in the MX2 World Championship, just a handful of points behind the series leader. And with three talented riders on sandy tracks the team hope to enjoy another podium celebration this weekend. “Actually everything is going to plan with one podium in the box and the season is going well. We have two of our three riders in the top five of the championship and we are close to the red plate; a lot of things are possible. We have a good set-up with three good riders; they can each be podium contenders and they have shown that they can be in contention for the title. Everything is going well and smoothly; I think we made a lot of progress as a team the last three years and we’re happy with the situation,” added Nathalie, who is one of only two women in the paddock to have so much responsibility as a team manager.

It’s a situation that the Dutch lady handles perfectly. “To be honest in the beginning it was a little strange because it’s quite a male-dominated field but I know what I have to do, I know what I’m capable of, and I think I show that a woman can run a team smoothly. We are a team; there’s not specially one person in the set-up. It’s the trainer, the riders, the mechanics, even the truck driver; everyone is important. We are a strong team, and we all have the same goal but we remain a family and that’s important,” she added. This weekend she will have the support of her father Harry, who is equally passionate about the sport and created the team a few years ago. “Dad is actually very, very busy with the family business; the situation is a little strange with the Corona situation and he is focused on the company just like I am focused on the team. That’s how we work, but this weekend of course he will be there at the races to give his full support.”

Words and pic: Kawasaki