MXGP/AMA combined race still on the horizon!

The dream race could still yet happen! A combined AMA/MXGP race taking place in the States was talked about back in 2022 and even hoped to happen this year. But, while that hasn’t happened, David Luongo in conjunction with MX Sports, Davey Coombs, are still on great terms and the race the whole world has dreamt about is still very much in the plans.

David told us: “The relationship with the American Motocross promotor, MX Sport and Supercross Feld are very good. We are in constant contact. I strongly believe that our sport is already too small to divide it in different parts with rivalry.

“For sure we have different targets as they are focused on American soil and we managed the World Championship but we share the same vision of making motocross bigger and more popular”.

“In this vision both of us like the idea of creating a single and unique event, where the MXGP and AMA riders would participate together. It is not a secret and it is also true that it would probably be the most exciting and awaited Motocross event in the history of our sport. I don’t believe this event will happen this year or next one but it is definitely a project that both of us would love to create together.”

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It is a race that might be even bigger that the MXoN. Prado v Lawrence, v Sexton v Herlings v Roczen v Gajser v Febvre v Ferrandis v Renaux v Geerts with Deegan racing De Wolf, Laengenfelder and company in MX2.

It would be sensational racing and the depth would be insane with the top 20 or so from each series. Maybe one could be held in Europe every other year too with a real end of season MX play-off vibe.

It might just be the biggest race in the history of the sport if it counts (as is planned) towards AMA and MXGP points. Everyone will be all in. Fingers crossed it happens!

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing

Article: Jonathan McCready