Musquin update – out for tonight at Arlington 2!

Marvin Musquin has revealed he will not be racing tonight after a concussion sustained in his big crash on Saturday in the heat race at Arlington 1 – but fortunately he has not sustained any broken bones!

Musquin said: “Hi everyone, I had a big crash on Saturday night as many of you already know. I have been very lucky to get up in one piece, really sore but nothing broken. I did require a few stitches but nothing bad. But I did get a concussion and I have to follow the concussion protocol that is in place with the Alpinestars Medical Clinic in order to get released to go back to racing.

“This protocol takes a minimum of a couple days, and unfortunately it is impossible to get a release to race for today’s round. Our goal is to follow every step of the protocol to be rechecked on Friday and we hope I can get cleared to race Saturday. Until then I am working on my recovery.”

See Marvin’s crash below:

Image: Cudby