MRA Ireland update – still under COVID-19 Government restrictions

MRA Ireland have posted an update on the situation for racing in Ireland and they will remain under the COVID-19 government restrictions until at least the 15th of April.

You can read the statement below:

“Unfortunately, as we approach the final days of March 2021 the MRA still find ourselves and our sport under COVID 19 Government Restrictions.
We had initially hoped that the recent Formal Review of Restrictions by the N I Assembly (16th March) might have seen some easing or relaxation of restrictions that could have signalled some form of return to action for our sport.

However, this hope was not to be and the current Restrictions for the most part are likely to remain in place until the next N I Assembly Formal Review set for the 15th April 2021. The only slight relaxation to restrictions for our Sport was that from 12th April, “Up to 15 people can participate in outdoor Sports Training through clubs affiliated with recognised Governing Bodies.

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However, after checking with the relevant authorities the MRA have clearly been advised that this “up to 15 number of people” is to include ALL THOSE in attendance at any outdoor venue. So, in the case of our sport this total number would have to include, any Club Officials, Coaches, Track or Flag Marshals, First Aid personnel and also any Drivers, Parents or Helpers accompanying the very few spaces then left for actual Competitors.
Not really a very viable option in the case of our sport and it’s requirements.

So, for now this cautious approach adopted by the N I Executive and other Governments towards the easing of Restrictions is still very much with us and dominating any immediate return to some form of normality for our sport.

If we can all possibly still manage to hold our patience and do the best we can to help for just a little while longer, there will be a big prize at the end when we will all be able to enjoy a final return to racing without any further thought or threat of a return to any more “Lockdown Restrictions” in the future.

In the meantime, MRA will continue to plan for as FULL an Ulster and Irish Championship season for all our Off Road disciplines both Youth and Adult, as we can possibly realistically manage during 2021.

Please for now Stay Safe, Take Care and we really do hope to see you all TRACKSIDE at MRA events in the very near future.

Motorcycle Racing Association (Ireland) Ltd”.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry