Mosiman on taking out Jett and his first podium – eventful day!

Michael Mosiman spoke about his revenge take-out in the press-conference and says he feels Jett and he are now okay now that things have been evened up – and they even fist-bumped at the end of the night!

“It was an eventful day,” Mosiman conceded. “The heat race obviously stuff went down with Jett [Lawrence] and I the week prior. You hear about that all week and use it as motivation. I didn’t want to say anything or use words. I just wanted to share it with my actions, and I think I did that tonight. I did that in the heat race. I wasn’t gung-ho, I got to take this guy down, but the opportunity presented itself. I was on him like white on rice that first lap. I ran him high and he went down. The crowd went nuts. Everyone was stoked. It was fun. The team was amped. I think Jett and I are cool. He gets it. So, it’s good. We fist bumped at the end of the night and stuff.

On his podium in the main event Moisman said: “I was right there with Christian and Colt out the gate. I made two mistakes on lap five or something. I haven’t seen those Star guys here for a little bit, especially on the main. So, there was one point where I was just kind of settling in behind Christian and I was like, Wait, no. I should pass him. Lappers were really bad, making a few mistakes. Man, leaving tonight, just a big confidence boost, a step in the right direction. I knew I had the speed, even after a lot of the lappers. Christian wasn’t too far. Obviously, Jett put it to us pretty good tonight and came through. So, there’s more speed out there. Honestly, I think I just got to apply myself lap to lap and find it.”

Mosiman has maybe been a bit under-rated the last couple of seasons, but with good technique and decent speed, maybe that Jett take-out last weekend was the fire he needed to ignite his game and get amongst the leaders – Gas Gas are starting to get their money’s worth from their 250 East rider!

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Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Align Media