Michael Sandner offers update after fighting for his life

Michael Sandner has offered an update after such a big injury racing the MXGP World Championship at Arco di Trento.

The Austrian was fighting for his life but the good news is his recovery is going well so far.

Sandner offered the following update on social media:

“*UPDATE: Toughest 10 days in my life, first when the doctor tells you that it was close to escape death with my neck injury! Next bad thing were the aggressive pain killer which caused hallucinations! But after 10 difficult days it’s starting to get better and better with some first steps and some good sleep in the nights.

They fixed with some metal and screws in over 10 hours surgery:
✅ cervical vertebrae C1 and C2
✅ thoracic vertebrae T3 – T10
What they still have to fix in some weeks:
❎ broken shoulder
Thank u for so many healing up messages, that‘s just insane. A special thanks to my family and my girl, it’s a big pleasure to have u next to me love you. 

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing