Mewse on 1-1 in Fastest 40

Images: Adam Duckworth

Conrad Mewse dominated at Preston Docks in the Fastest 40 to underline his dominance in the UK scene.

Mewse said: “With a 1-1 it’s a good day! And of I course I have the red plate, and it was a 1-2 for the Crendon Tru7 Honda team. My mechanic Rob made some changes for moto two and it worked out a treat. I really pushed on in the last half of the moto and I’m feeling great. Every day I’m working hard to getting back to 100%, it’s working well and were getting there.

“Usually this isn’t my favourite sort of track but we’ve got the bike set up perfectly and it worked a dream. It was the best I’ve felt in a long time, and the suspension changes have done a world of good.”

Teammate Taylor Hammal moved up to the 450 for the Fastest 40 and commented: “It was a good day and I enjoyed being back on the 450. I felt like I was really riding it well in the second race, when I got into second place. It took me a while to get there as John Adamson is hard to pass as he’s very aggressive. But it makes it interesting and it fired me up to go faster. I got the pass done and pulled away, but Conrad had already opened up the gap.

“I felt like I could have been a  bit closer if I’d have got behind him to start with. But I’m, happy to be up there, I’m enjoying it and the bike is so good.”