Marnique Appelt on taking his first moto win in Germany and racing MX2

It was a fantastic weekend for young German talent, Marnique Appelt as he won his first moto in the ADAC Youngsters Cup category against some very bright young talents. Appelt got the opportunity to race the MX2 World Championship this year with the Raths KTM team and it looks to be making him a better rider already.

“It was a great weekend. I got 4th in Moto one which is good but I felt like I could win. I f***ed up myself with a bad start but was able to come from twelfth to fourth, I also got took out trying to make a pass for third. In the second moto I got an even worse start and came from nineteenth to fourth and just run out of time to make more passes. Thankfully in Moto three I was able to start better, I came from sixth to first and had a hard fight for the win. I’m satisfied with my riding and my fitness but my starts need to get better. It felt so unbelievable to finally win a Moto there, a big rock fell off my shoulders. And winning the last one is even better you know.”, Appelt told about his weekend. 

In terms of the MX2 World Championship, Appelt hasn’t been happy with his results as he wants to score points but on the positive it is making him a better rider which his results show at National level.

“I’m not satisfied with my results in the MX2 World Championship. I want to score points and I also had a lot of opportunity to make it happen but something stupid happens to me always.. MX2 is hard, I had a lot of moments when I was thinking about quitting, no joke. But in the end I learned so much and I grow so fast as a person and as a rider that it definitely made me a better rider. I want to thank my team and my sponsors that they believe in me and especially my trainer who help me out more then everyone else”, Appelt concluded. 

Article: Andy McKinstry