Malou Jakobsen has bikes stolen prior Swiss GP

Malou Jakobsen sadly got her bikes stolen in Italy whilst preparing for the Swiss WMX.

“It’s with a heavy broken heart that I have to say this. We had our car broken into here in Italy. Was woken at 00:30 by the hotel, that the police had arrived and both my bikes are gone. Both bikes were locked with a strong chain, and angle grinder was used, the car is jammed and the police think they have followed us from a track yesterday. We have parked safely and there is been people at the hotel all night. We have lived here before!! So take care all of You that is in Italy at the moment”, Jakobsen stated on social media. 

A Swiss Husqvarna dealer saw the news and supplied her a bike for the Swiss Grand Prix in which she finished a respectable 14th overall. Jakobsen will return home and now think about how to fund the rest of the season.

If anyone can help, you can contact her on social media.