Lawrence Brothers confirm they are officially ruled out of the MXoN

Both Lawrence Brothers were keen to race this years Motocross Des Nations which is set to take place at Mantova at the end of September. However, they’ve now announced that they won’t be racing – people above them won’t allow them to travel to Italy.

“I’m definitely out. It sucks because obviously I really wanted to go, both – I can speak for Hunter – and I want to go and represent our country, but people a lot higher than us with visas and that stuff… just wasn’t really allowing us. Mainly the people higher up in this world that’s just kind of not letting us do this right now”, Jett Lawrence stated during a press conference. 

“It sucks. I mean, if it were completely up to Jett and myself, we’d race it and want to be there. Unfortunately with everything kind of going on right now, it’s not really up to us to decide, unfortunately. It’s a bummer. It’s one of the coolest events all year – it’s awesome, you get to represent your country. It’s a bummer to miss it, me and Jett were going to be on the team for the first time together, so we were looking at a really good team. Yeah, it sucks, hopefully next year it can be a little more normal and we can be there”, Hunter added. 

With both the Lawrence Brothers now out of the event, there have been some whispers that Australia might not even send a team to the event this year which really would be a shame.

Pic: Honda