Ken De Dycker to race EMX Open at Oss

The EMX Open series is relatively new as Infront Moto Racing introduced the new championship last year and this is the second year of the series. It already looks to have improved from last year and Dutch fans have a treat this weekend as Ken De Dycker will be racing the class – that’s a blast from the past! 

At the end of the 2017 season, De Dycker decided to stop racing at the highest level but has stayed close to the sport he clearly loves. The EMX Open series will give him an opportunity to race in the GP paddock again.

The Belgian is also hoping to race the EMX 2t series at Lommel on the 31st of July in front of his home fans if he can source a two-stroke in time for the event! 

Since January, De Dycker has only rode around five times and had his first race in a year last weekend in France (Rozoy) so will just be looking to have fun. 

“I still like racing and Motocross so I will to go Oss and race and see everybody, that’s way I want to go. I’ve rode maybe around five times from January to now and last weekend I had my first race after a year in France (Rozoy). I don’t have any expectations, I just want to have fun with not so much arm pump. I will also do Lommel on a two stroke if I can get a bike for that day from somewhere”, De Dycker told