Keep wearing glasses while racing motocross!

Motocross and enduro riders always wear goggles to protect their eyes. Unfortunately, there was never really a sound solution for spectacle wearers but that has changed now with YouZee.

What is it?

The YouZee is a Swedish product that involves a type of glasses with spring-loaded clips that can be placed inside a pair of motocross goggles. The glasses are manufactured by the company through a prescription from your ophthalmologist.

The YouZee Clip-In is custom-made to the customer’s prescription with high-quality lenses from the Japanese brand Hoya.

The YouZee Clip-In fits any kind of motocross goggle because there of the spring-loaded clips on the lenses that adjust to the shape of the inside of your motocross goggles. The Swedish company calls it OCTALOCK™.

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OCTALOCK™ are the eight anchor points that give the YouZee Clip-In the flexibility to fit into any modern goggles and still stay put, even in the roughest conditions. OCTALOCK™ is a proprietary design and trademark protected technology that only YouZee is allowed to use.

More possibilities

Obviously, motocross riders wearing glasses will benefit from this system but it goes without saying that these YouZee goggles are also suitable for skiers and paintball enthusiasts.

What does it cost?

For a single-action YouZee Clip-In, you pay €179. Multifocal lenses (for long-range vision and close-up) cost 279 euros. Shipping is included in the price. In addition to the YouZee Clip-In, the package also includes an anti-fog cloth.

How do you order?

Since each lens is made based on an ophthalmologist’s prescription, you need to upload this document along with your order. You can order via this website: