JWR Honda venture out to World Enduro

After competing for a number of seasons in the MXGP, the Swedish team is now further expanding to EnduroGP for 2022. Coming from a country with a strong enduro heritage it’s only natural for the team to head over to new challenges with the world’s most prestigious Enduro series alongside the motocross world championship.

With this approach JWR Honda Racing will be unique with having presence at both paddocks throughout the season with some of the fastest riders in the world. The founder and owner of JWR, Johan Westermark wanted to find a way to bring an unprecedented level of support to the multiple gifted, hard working Swedes with the same goal of being the best on the planet. 

The two riders directly under JWR Honda Racing will be Max Erlandsson, in the J1 class, and Oskar Ljungström in the E1 Class. The third one receiving our support, Anton Lundgren will ride for JWR MX Store in Sweden, with the additional JWR Honda Racing support for the EnduroGP’s. At the core, the focus will be on Max and Oscar riding the new 250 Hondas, while Anton will race the CRF400. 

Naturally the riders have their aims set high and are looking to earn national trophies in 2022, as well as top 5 placements in the GP’s. Oskar Ljungström has been riding a Husqvarna, finishing third in the Swedish national championship, as well as getting some strong finishes in the EWGP J2 Series. Having a hand-injury however has been consistently affecting his riding, causing him to not find himself quite where he wants to be. Max Erlandsson has been riddled with injuries for the past year as well, but is looking to commit full time in to Enduro, where he has found tons of pace lately, looking back to Gotland Grand National and Novemberkåsan. Anton Lundgren of course is no stranger to the international racing communities, with former experience in the MX2 Motocross series, as well as being the highest positioned Swede in the EWGP in 2021, and representing the Swedish team in the Six Days. 

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Johan Westermark (JWR Honda Racing Team Owner): “This is completely new to me, but we see tons of potential in this, as Enduro is already big and is only getting bigger and bigger every year, gaining popularity among all walks of life. We sell lots of Enduro bikes in Sweden from our JWR MX Store, and certainly want to charge with full speed to the very top. We’ve got many fantastic sponsors fully supporting our aim in heading there, and who we also believe deserve all the possible attention we can give them. With these three riders we’ll without a doubt surprise a lot of people out there, and are excited to get on with it.”

Ashkan Aghili (24MX Marketing Manager): Enduro is really big for 24MX so we’re very happy to support JWR Racing in this endeavour to the top of the greatest Enduro series in the world. We are developing products together with JWR in order to create products that match the highest level in the world, and fill the needs of even the most demanding riders. This is very unique and important for us, as we’re putting out sought after products in to the market.

Patrik Erlandsson (Team Coordinator): We’re ready to take another step with this expansion to enduro, challenging ourselves and giving our sponsors all the exposure and attention they deserve. Thanks to the brilliant brands behind JWR we’re able to tackle these challenges and give the best gear in the world to all of our riders. We’re also excited to be able to put out a very unique social media challenge in the 2022 where you’ll have a chance to win a start in the famous Gotland Grand National. We’re ready for the 2022 Enduro World Championship.

Words: Press Release