Justin Hill interview: I was just out there having fun!

Justin Hill was the big star of the Tampa supercross after looking like he might just win his first ever 450 main event until he went down trying to pass Marvin Musquin.

Hill still finished sixth and wowed the crowd with a quad – quad combination that even Musquin and Tomac refused to attempt. Doug Turney caught up with Hill to talk about his win and the relaxed atmosphere within the JGR Suzuki team.

I think you are the talk of the week after your performance last week, doing those quads last week definitely caught some people’s attention..

I was just out there having fun, it wasn’t even anything special about it as far as what I do. It was just how I am, I was trying to ride as good as I can. It the talk of the week but I am bummed about that because it was a failure in my opinion because I was up there and I fell! (laughs) But everybody is excited about it so that is cool. This is hopefully the weekend I can bring it back and be up there again and not fall down.

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When you go back to the 250, will you be racing the 450 all the way to your next 250 race?

No, the plan is to do Daytona then take the next week off (St. Louis) and concentrate on the 250, that will be just the right formula I think just to get used to the bike again, because you have to ride it so much different. I can jump on this thing (450) because it’s more natural to me, the little bike I almost have to learn it all over again. I would like to just keep racing all the way until the next 250 W race but I know myself and I know that’s not going to help me back on the 250s, we will see about in between the other races, maybe I will pop back on the 450, I don’t know yet.

For the outdoors is the plan to move to the 450?

No the plan is to do outdoors on the 250, but I will see, this is the coolest team to be a part of, because they are like, ” hey what do yo want to do?” And it compliment because some other team I have been on are not like that, I am very happy with that. We will see how it comes together, wherever I end up I want to help maximise the benefit for our sponsors and benefit for Suzuki.

The team seems very relaxed and having a good time, you don’t see that on all the other teams?

It’s so mellow, it’s definitely my style. Every single side of the racing development is covered by very intelligent people but they are not all highly strung and strange, they are all nice guys and being happy is being part of the deal and J bone and Coy know that in comparison to things I have seen, it’s a healthy working environment.