Joel Rizzi goes privateer

Joel Rizzi hasn’t had an ideal start to the season with team issues after having to part ways with Riley Yamaha Racing. The young Brit did have a fill in ride with JM Honda Racing for a couple of GP’s but needed to look for something else with Camden Mc Lellan returning to action in France.

Rizzi has decided to go privateer for the rest of the season (provided another team doesn’t come calling) and will race selected GP’s and other national races.

The British Championship hasn’t been a focus for Rizzi for a while but he will race Blaxhall this weekend in what will be his first race with his new privateer setup on a GasGas.

“After a f**ked year already, happy to be able to be back racing this weekend at the British championships. Picked up the bike today and massive thanks DK Offroad for sorting something on such short notice and everyone who’s supporting me it means a lot”, Rizzi stated on social media.