Jett Lawrence – supercross title ambition

2021 US 250 National motocross champ, Jett Lawrence, is recovered from his rib injury sustained just before the West coast series that he was scheduled to take part it and now the very hyped Aussie is ready to go for the East coast series with a title on his mind – but he knows it won’t be easy.

This is what he had to say to the media in the press conference:

The pre-season injury

The biggest thing is I just peaked way too early, even too early before west coast started. I think that little hiccup (rib injury) there was actually good, it kind of whipped me back into line a little bit. I was feeling like superman a bit and it was a reminder, hey, slow down, just put your laps in and don’t do anything crazy. I’m really excited to race, feels like forever since outdoors. I’m excited to get out there with some fast boys.

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Seeing Hunter win on the West Coast

Whenever Hunter wins it just pumps me up and makes me want to go back it up. For how much stuff he’s gone through, the low points that not many people know, it’s amazing what he’s achieved since then. I want to get as many wins as I can, but it’s not going to be easy with how many fast guys there are on this coast. Going to be some fun racing.

Pressure to back up the outdoor title

It’s kind of good to have that pressure, it’s a bit of a dangling carrot, I would say. At least I’ve been in a championship situation in the past until I axed myself again! (laughs). Then outdoors I was in a battle all year with (Justin) Cooper. I know what it’s like now and hopefully I can use it to my benefit and not make those stupid mistakes and try not to axe myself again! It should be good. I like to have some pressure, it puts you on that edge. I know Jeremy (Martin) is going to be really good this year, I’m excited to battle with him. We had a good battle going at our last race at Ironman and that was awesome. I’m excited to get this season going. You can’t really tell how you’re going to do until you get to the races.

The feeling on the new bike

Really good. This new bike has made things pretty easy on me. I can say that testing didn’t take too long, once we found that window the bike has been brilliant. I just feel like a little kid right now, just excited to get the racing started. It’s surprising how much I missed it. By the end of outdoors, you’re like, “Oh man when is this thing going to be done?” But now I’m like, “When are we going to go racing again?” like I’m a little kid. So I’m excited. It was good to watch the west coast races and see how the tracks have been building up. They’ve looked really gnarly. I can’t wait to go racing, bang bars with some fast dudes and have a good time.

Image: Honda