Jett Lawrence on letting Roczen passed – bad math!

Jett Lawrence admitted he got his math’s wrong when letting Roczen past, as it didn’t make a difference to the overall top three but Lawrence said it was still useful to follow Roczen and learn after the German hounded Jett all moto as they both pulled away from Chase Sexton to the tune of 16 seconds, but all three have a shot at the title next weekend!

Jett said in the press conference: “I think it was the two laps when I think Kenny was really on me, when he kind of closed the gap. I was riding, but my mind was somewhere else thinking, trying to do math. But, I kind of took two laps and was just thinking and making sure if I did let him pass, it wouldn’t affect my overall. But it turns out my great math wouldn’t have meant anything if I would have let him pass or not. [Laughs] So that’s my good math. But it was two laps I was thinking of it. Then I was like, I’m pretty sure I’m good. So at that back section I just let him pass. Then just kind of ran behind. I got to see how he races, so it was a good thing for me because obviously I can only learn so much if I’m in front of the guy. So it was nice to kind of see how Kenny’s lines were and see how he kind of races on a bit of a tighter track. I got to see in outdoors, but I haven’t quite seen in more of a kind of supercrossy layout.”

Meanwhile, Roczen said on Pulp MX about the situation: “Nobody has really been able to put up a fight with Jett. I had so much fun reeling him and figuring it out, I don’t know, having something for him, right?

“What really pissed me off, in the moment I was stoked about the win, it wasn’t like he waved me by when I was ten seconds back. I knew I was catching him, so it took a little tome to settle in. I was more pissed off the next day, simply because I felt like he ruined the opportunity for me to put in a late moto charge, put in a pass and have an epic win and make it an epic move of the year since no-one has been able to do that. That was totally ruined, that’s what pissed me off.

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“This baby gift of a win, it didn’t change anything. His “big brain move” just with the interview, I am respectful, I look at from the outside because it is what it is. I didn’t do anything wrong, I rode my ass off all the way to the end. The interview, it just sounded kinda dumb. In almost 15 years of my pro career I have never had anyone let my by, ever! So, it was the first. He hasn’t learned how to lose yet , right? He hasn’t really lost yet, he might need to learn that every now and then someone may have something for him and maybe beat him. I was probably the same way when I was that age, when you are winning everything, your ego is big. It was a funky situation, I really don’t know what to think.

“I felt like a donkey ( when Jett waved him by). My first initial thought was he would sit behind me and try and make a full of me and charge me hard and try to pass me again – I would not have let that happen. I wasn’t looking back because I was riding my race, I knew something was up because I didn’t hear him, then I felt kinda stupid honestly, because I’m still riding, I didn’t know if he was playing.”

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Image: Align