Interview: Jago Geerts reflects on his MX2 career and moving up to MXGP

Belgian talent, Jago Geerts is coming to the end of his MX2 GP career as he only has one left at Matterley Basin this weekend before he can fully focus on riding the 450cc before racing the bigger bike at the MXoN and then his rookie MXGP season in 2024.

Despite not winning an MX2 world title, Geerts is an elite talent and speed certainly wasn’t the problem as he won so many GP’s and this year has had two injuries to deal with. He isn’t even 100% at the moment and showed in Maggiora that he is still capable of winning which not many riders can do.

After his win at Maggiora we caught up with the Belgian to discuss his season, the future and more.

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GateDrop: Jago, here at Maggiora, a track you seem to always do well at winning last year and now this year. You must be really happy with your weekend here in Italy?

Geerts: For sure, I am really happy about the weekend, it is nice to get the GP win again after my two injuries. Not too bad, seven GP victories in one season, I can be happy.

GateDrop: What was the track like this year compared to last year? I think it was trickier and more slick in places than last year…

Geerts: Yeah, last year it rained also but it was more deep but this year they didn’t rip it that much. Today the track was quite good, actually.

GateDrop: Coming into this weekend you only had two MX2 GP’s left in your career – no better way to end it on a high and you’ve started that by winning here…

Geerts: For sure, it was nice to win this one and hopefully I can win the last one at Matterley Basin too and make it a nice ending for my MX2 career. I will do my best for that.

GateDrop: Just on your MX2 season, I think you can be proud, after everything you have gone through a lot of riders might not have came back early after France but you did, you showed how determined you are… How would you reflect on your season despite missing out on the title?

Geerts: I think overall it was a really good season. I had speed, good speed all year. I just had those two injuries that set me back. I came back really quickly two times so I think I can be really proud of what I did this year. Now I am really looking forward to the next step on the 450cc.

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Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing

GateDrop: Just on your MX2 career, you’ve won so many GP overalls and even though you didn’t get a title, when you look back I think you can be pretty proud of what you have done…

Geerts: I am really proud of what I have achieved the past few years. A lot of GP victories, a lot of podiums but for sure I am disappointed I didn’t get the title. But it is what it is, in general I am really happy about how everything went. I am looking forward to stepping up to MXGP and compete for a title again hopefully.

GateDrop: You obviously won this weekend but probably still not 100%, how close to 100% do you think you are?

Geerts: It is difficult to say, I am feeling better and better. Physically, for sure it was difficult to get back on my level again after the second injury. Also, my shoulder is not 100% yet, I think it will still take a few months until it is really perfect. I am not 100% but as you can see, I am still capable of fighting for the GP victory.

GateDrop: In between the GP weekends, are you still able to ride and if so, maybe not as much as you’d like?

Geerts: I am still training but not too much, I don’t do too much in one week because my neck gets blocked after riding and I need to go to the physio so it’s not that easy.

GateDrop: Heading to the MXoN for team Belgium, have you any plans to jump on the 450cc soon or will you wait for after Matterley Basin to use that two weeks?

Geerts: The plan is to do my first 450cc training this week and then start the full gas preparation after Matterley.

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GateDrop: At RedBud last year you battled with Eli Tomac, amazing memories so you must be buzzing to get on the 450cc and show the rest of the world what you are capable of?

Geerts: Last year was really nice to ride the MXoN on the 450cc and battle with the top guys. I hope I can do it again, it is a completely different track but Ernee is also a track that I really like so let’s see.

GateDrop: Looking ahead to next year, I know you love the 450cc and it suits your style. Are you looking forward to focusing on the 450cc fulltime?

Geerts: Yeah, I am really looking forward to do the full season on the 450cc, I think it suits my style better than the 250cc. Finally I can ride on the tracks that are not fully wet on the first lap so that will also be nice (laughs).

GateDrop: When you look at Jorge Prado and Jett Lawrence, I think you can ride a similar style to those two on the bigger bike. On the 250cc you have to be more aggressive but on the bigger bike you can use the power…

Geerts: I think I have a similar style to use the torque of the bike and not at a high rpm so we will see how it goes after a few months of training.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing