Jett Lawrence on his 450 debut

The most popular rider at the event, Jett Lawrence, spoke about winning his class at the MXoN as he led Australia to the podium in his debut at the MXoN and on the 450 – a bike his smooth, technical style looks made for, just like Jago Geerts!

“It was definitely good to start off this way,” said Jett. “After yesterday my speed was okay but not as good as Chase and Dylan but looking at the mud today I was kind of excited because the pace was going to be a little bit slower so I was feeling good, I could kind of trials ride around and do that, I was very pumped for my first Nations to finish on the box and also win the overall with the Open class.

“I got to ride it a few times in the past but I think I have spent a maximum of maybe a month and a little bit on the bike. I don’t know, maybe I just got luck with my style and the bike but I felt like we still have a little work to do with getting it set up and stuff and just 450 experience with riding with Eli and all those boys. So, I have got lucky this round but I am looking forward to next year and outdoors to see if we can improve a bit more and come into next year’s Nations in France and a little more confident knowing where I can finish.”

Image: InFront Moto Racing

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