Jett and Hunter Lawrence on their battle at High Point

Jett and Hunter Lawrence gave some interesting insight into their big battle for the overall win at High Point in the press conference with Hunter hoping to come out on top next time!

Hunter: “It was a good one. Me and Jett went one and two the first one and then two, one, me for the second one. So, it was cool. It was tough. It was a coin toss in that last one, honestly. It was so close. The track was tough today. It was more not flowing and stuff like that. It wasn’t a traditional High Point, I don’t think. So, it was a tough one. The track was gnarly and it wasn’t easy to flow. It was literally a 35-minute sprint that last moto, from the gate drop. We were sprinting the whole moto. It was I think pretty cool to watch. Third place was 36 seconds behind us. I set the fastest lap time of the race on the last lap. That’s when I did it. It was cool. I’ll get him back next time. There’ll be another time for sure, and there’s going to be many more good motos just like that one. I think it’s cool. It’s the race everyone has been wanting to see for a long time.

“I wouldn’t say you don’t want to push too hard because like we literally sprinted for the whole 35-minute moto. There wasn’t a lap where we were like, let’s preserve a little energy. It’s the last moto of the day. Leave everything on the table. But at the same time, I think you see better racing when we’re using passing race craft and stuff like that to make passes and mental decisions, and stuff like that. I think that is better to watch than, “Oh, there’s a guy behind me. I’m just going to clean him out.” I feel like that’s the easy way out. It’s not really what the fans want to see. I think compared to one takeout, one lap, they’d rather take a 35-minute battle. We finished 0.05 behind each other on the finish line. It was like that for the whole race. So, I think that’s what is cool because we’re not going to clean each other out or do anything stupid. We’ve never really been into that. It’s more fun to race clean.”

Jett: “The track was a fun layout. The track is fun, but the main line is always the fastest. It was pretty one-lined. In that second one, thankfully I had energy, not like last weekend where I had nothing, so I was able to fight a bit. But, whenever we’d pass in a certain spot, the next lap if I got Hunter somewhere, and then we would go back to that line and they can’t use it. So, it was always kind of playing, not cat-and-mouse, but we’re smart enough to know Hunter got me here, so then every lap when he was behind me, once I got him back I would stay to the inside so he couldn’t use that line again. So, it was a fun race to just go back and forth. We know we can push the limit hard. We get close to each other, but we know we’re technically good enough not to take each other out in that race. So, it was fun but very difficult because you’d have to use a passing spot and make sure you made the pass, because otherwise they would use that spot or that line.

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“Basically most of what Hunter said is pretty correct. Our biggest thing with us, we know we’re not really ever going to back down. So, even those last laps, I got a bit of a gap on him through lappers, but then like he said, he finished a half a second behind just because he’s always coming. I think if it was vice versa, it would be the same. We’re always pushing, because the track this weekend, we had to use race craft a lot and kind of almost rely on a little bit of mistakes somewhere just to get next to him, so you could maybe put a front wheel and maybe put him off a bit. So, it was fun. I would much rather have that racing than racing some other guys that just go in and try to take you out. With us, we know that we don’t want to let each other pass, but we do it in a respectful way where it’s never we’re going to be coming off going, “Why the hell did you do this?” Or you end up getting all pissed. One, I would get my ass knocked down, so I know not to go there. But even we just like having fun racing and being close. We got close a good couple times, but it was never like, “Oh, we’re close!” We’re comfortable. We know we’re not going to take each other out on purpose.

Hunter also commented on his new two year Honda contract saying: “Obviously, we did the two-year extension with Honda, which is awesome just because I love that team. I like to think they love me as well. It’s just awesome. Everyone works together so well. We all get along. We all communicate. Honestly, we’ve been through quite a few bad teams and stuff in Europe, and all we wanted was someone just to devote our loyalty to. We’re super loyal, and now we have the dream team. Like I said, we love them like family. We’ll be forever loyal to them. It’s cool. Then today with riding, we’ve been getting better and better, getting rid of this sickness. Today was pretty much close to 100 percent as far as health-wise. It’s been good. We get the week off to help get ahead of it, build up our immune system a bit more, and get ready for Red Bud.”

Images: Honda