Jeremy Delince announces his retirement from the sport

Jeremy Delince has had a good Motocross career in Belgium and Germany, he even had a spell in the Grand Prix paddock with JM KTM and 24MX Honda. 

The Belgian has revealed that he’s decided to retire from the sport to move on with other things. 

“So this is the end guys. It’s been really hard to make that choice but after 27 years of racing it’s time to enjoy the life differently!! I’m so grateful for all the amazing people I met along my career. I gave all my soul and passion into that sport but it starts to be too difficult to handle everything between work, training and especially finding a track in this country to race at the high level. I let you enjoy a small gallery of my highlights moments. Special thanks to my KMP Honda Racing family and all the sponsors to make me achieve my goal with a fifth in the championship. My mechanic Christian Herzog and my friends/trainer/family/wife to stay behind me every time. Bye bye”, Delince stated on social media.